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Random FAQ about the mod/game!

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  1. Do I need HL2 to play?

    No, TFO is completely standalone/full-conversion. You only require SDK Base 2007 to be installed. Steampipe version is recommended for improved stability!

  2. How long is the mod?

    Depending on you as a person, most likely 8 hours +

  3. Is this game free?


  4. I noticed a bug/crash/issue what should I do?

    Report it on our bug reporter form here on our website or visit the forums and post any info you have, we would appreciate any form for report so that we can fix the issue in a future patch.

  5. What "New" stuff can I find in TFO?

    The Forgotten Ones (TFO) is a full conversion, everything is new and rebuilt!
    Why spoil it here? Why don't you download it and see for yourself. I'm sure you'll like it! =)

  6. Is TFO really free?

    Yes it is, despite that I used over 6000$ it is still free.

    I wanted to make the most out of this mod for your entertainment.
    I hope you'll enjoy it!!!! 8)

  7. Will TFO come to Steam?

    YES, The Forgotten Ones recently got greenlit as from 29. April 2014!
    The launch will happen when TFO has been fully fixed.
    I intend to redo many parts as well. I hope for the release to be out before july this year tho!

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