The Forgotten Ones

The home of the long awaited horror mod, The Forgotten Ones

The great news!

The Forgotten Ones v2.4.0 is out and fixes some various issues, check the download page for link.


- Fixed jump bug when you have low stamina
- Fixed a minor issue related to the dialogue system
- Changed capacity of SVT-40
- Added new viewbob vars from HEVCrab!
- Updated HUD to position properly on especially 4:3 ratio resolutions.
- Fixed fullbright maps

- Changed the game icon. 


Even better, TFO is coming to Steam! We recently got Greenlit! :)

TFO will be fixed up a lot before the Steam release is out! So keep it tight! TFO is going to become even better!

Thanks for all the support so far! 

The Forgotten Ones v2.3.0 is released!

Some months after the initial release SDK 2013 convertion has saved the mod, crashes and bugs has been pinched out. As well as adding some new cool stuff + changes. ;)
Be sure to check it out once again!

Merry Christmas!

The Forgotten Ones v2.0 Fix released!

A big fix has been released for TFO, yet some issues still remains. However the mod is much more playable now! Grab it now while you can! In the near future I'll release a patch to fix the rest, if I ever manage to figure out what causes the last crashes. >.>

The Forgotten Ones v2.0 has been released!

After several years of hard work it's finally available for the public! However the first maps have some stability issues. This will hopefully be fixed in the next patch.

Check the downloads page to get your copy of the mod!

 The Forgotten Ones


TFO News July

It's been a while since I last posted something on our homepage, however I've been busy working hard on TFO. And I'm pleased to announce that we may start the beta testing within the beginning of August!

Still, our team needs a 3D designer for both new npc's and props!
If you can help us out, please apply!


TFO News March

I'm sorry for no updates in a while, right now I'm working with adding the last scenes to Chapter 2 and after that I'll be moving on to create the two last chapters!
Also if TFO is going to be a real KILLER our team needs a Character Animator / Creater & Texturer! If you would want to help us out please apply at our "Join the Team" page!

As for the Trailer, it has been released. But it's quite dark. A new one will be made soon:


TFO Trailer Coming Soon

The trailer / gameplay teaser will be released soon.

Stay tuned people! :) 

Release News

For now, the release is set to be sometime this year, anything can happen and we might delay it slightly. Though so far the statics is around:

Modelling : 99%
Mapping : 60%
Sound : 99%
Coding : 99%
Scripting : 99%
Choreography / Scenes : 5%
Voice acting : 0% 



Welcome to TFO's new homepage

I decided to make a new page for my horror mod only, to give you more details and info about the coming release. And to build up a community and get more followers!